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The DJ would like to set up at least one hour prior to the start time. Please have a table (at Least 6 feet in length) placed where you would like the DJ to perform.
Start Time
Start Time
Example: “Please put your hands together for our friend, Janet. This party would not have been possible without her assistance while I was deployed."
**We recommend only first names for the wedding party to make the wedding more intimate.
(Optional) List the names and PA or U for title.
(Optional) List the names and title.
(Optional) Example: 1. Maid of Honor: Jane and Best Man: John
(Optional) Example: 2. Laura and Luke 3. Ginger & Fred 4. Wilma & Fred 5. Clare & Cliff 6. Faith & Christopher
Maid/Matron/Man of Honor & Best man/woman are introduced just before the Bride(s) and Groom(s).
Example: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce to you:__________________________
(Optional) if different from the Wedding Party Introduction Song
Use the area to note a special song(s) needed for the event (e.g. After the guests yell surprise, play Kiss by Prince).
Get your guests involved at a level that matches your love for life and fun!
Group dance songs/activities are designed to get your guests back on the dance floor and/or keep them engaged in the fun.
Provide special trivia questions the DJ can use intermittently or when needed to keep your guests engaged and having fun. (e.g. What the birthday girl's favorite movie?)